Advantages of Managed Forex Trading Accounts

Investors always look for the most effective opportunities; sometimes, they take higher risks in investments to have higher profits. What if we give you an investment opportunity where cost on investing and risks are both low, but profits are impressive. Well, we suggest starting a Managed Forex Trading Account. To provide you an idea regarding how a Managed Forex account works, we have noted some advantages of trading in a managed Forex trading account here.

Generate Revenue

The purpose of why individuals invest their funds is to get income. No doubt, spending on proper opportunities can earn you a lot of money. But sometimes you may need to be more careful before investing your money. A Managed Forex Account is one of the most reliable investment opportunities you can invest in. You can begin with an investment of as low as $1000, which can earn you a profit of 10%-30% per month. For those who want to have more profits may think of investing more, and you will be astonished to notice some surprising results on your investment that may fall anywhere within 70% to 100% of your investment.

Managed Forex trading

Flexible Profit-Making

Managed Forex Accounts are manageable. The market need not move in a particular direction to get earnings. Either the market is seeing a positive trend or a negative trend, well-managed Forex accounts can see their way to become successful and make a profit for the investors.

Passive Investment

Trading Forex might not be for you if you are new, since you may lose all or significant parts of your investment in such a very unpredictable market. Managed Forex trading accounts can assist you to defeat this problem. You just have to sign up with some reputable Forex broker, and you’re all set to begin earning profits. On the contrary, if we discuss trading Forex on your own, then you must have plenty of information and involvement in the Forex industry, unless, you may not be able to manage it. Eventually, you can lose your investment. So why consider the risk? When such an excellent service, you can obtain by starting a Managed Forex Trading Account.


As stated earlier, there is a higher risk associated when you are trading Forex on your own. But, it can be decreased to an agreeable level by signing up for a Managed Forex Trading Account with a trustworthy firm. It is noteworthy that Forex trading includes integrated risk, which most traders are normally alarmed. Reputable account managers are supposed to have risk rules in place, and they will be including dropdown boundaries. Mostly, the firms do not risk more than 2%-5% on customers’ funds in any particular trade. This can be slightly higher in large investment accounts. For instance, if you have started a Managed Forex trading account with a firm that has a 30% dropdown limit, then the account is possible to suspend trading when this dropdown limit is attained. This feature is also called a balance protection feature.


Managed Forex trading accounts are often misinterpreted by individuals in a sense that they worry that there account’s safety is endangered since login details are being handled by the money managers trading their account on their behalf. This is untrue though, you have got the entire control over your account. Money managers can utilize your money for trading purposes only, and they can’t withdraw funds from your account. You have the full command and power to terminate your account and withdraw your investments if you doubt anything strange.

Immune To Manipulation

Forex is considered difficult to manipulate, unlike stock and futures markets that are weak to the threat of being fraudulent. Being located in an exchange that has a centralized control tool, the risk is even higher since costs can simply be modified by big fishes in the business. Contrarily, Forex has a segregated market having no particular price. Hence, it is difficult to manipulate Forex prices.

Extreme Liquidity

Managed Forex trading accounts are much acknowledged by investors worldwide because of its liquidity. You can get your funds as and when you want to do so. Unlike other kinds of investments such as estate leasing or business investment, you require to wait as long as the best proposal is received to realize earnings by trading your assets or commissions.


Leverage signifies how many times of the deposited amount, the trader is entitled to take benefit. For instance, if you start an account with a Forex broker by depositing only $500, and your broker enables leverage of 1:50, then this indicates that you can trade up to $25,000. This enables you to generate 50 times more profit as well as a loss too. But, remember that the high leverage ratio is regarded as risky. Because if something goes awry, you might lose your investment abruptly.

Round the Clock Trading

Forex trading never stops since the trading sessions involving London, Sydney, New York, and Tokyo is open round the clock except for Saturday and Sunday. Hence, you can trade 24 hours a day and five days a week.

How to Select a Good Managed Forex Account?

Forex investors must know the market before they start operating. Investors can join in the Forex Market by just actively trading or by investing in a managed Forex trading account to make a profit. It could take many months and years to produce a working and effective trading approach for novices and even skilled Forex traders.

ZuluTrade is one of the leading account management providers that give high monthly profits with manageable risk. The fund management ha so many advanced controls and you can select from several well-performing portfolios. They have a list of brokers approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom and other European regulators. The account management fees charged by ZuluTrade is the lowest in the industry.

WorldMarkets AI Managed Fund is one of the trusted profitable Managed Fund and it has given over 20% monthly return since 2017. It uses Artificial Intelligence technology to find profitable trades.

How does a Managed Forex Account Work?

A managed Forex account is not suitable for domineering and dominating investors, as these types of individuals don’t let anyone to completely handle their investments. Forex managed accounts give us all trading tools and selection features to adjust risk and trade size. But the traders should not start trading themselves with their fund while investing in a managed account. Furthermore, some managed account requires a minimum investment of $1000 to $5000 deposits.

Managed Forex Accounts are entirely different from traditional bond and investment trading accounts because of their interface. Money managers will have trade-only access to these accounts, but traders should not be bothered as they will only have investor access which allows them to view the activity in their account. The money manager can’t withdraw funds, its the investor who has the authority to withdraw money. Hence your money is safe while trading in a managed Forex account. But the investors must know that they may lose money because of unpredictability in the Forex market. The investors must read the disclaimer, terms, and conditions before investing in a managed Forex account.

Investors must lead money managers about their ideal trading methods and procedures before beginning working with them. It is essential as it will support them from creating errors. Still, investors must prevent providing complete authority to their money handlers. They should only grant trading charges to money managers as it brings them out of the trading situation. Hence, then they can surely avoid mental and emotional difficulties that may aggravate them while winning or losing when trading. Provider corporations ensure that they have enough coaching personnel to supervise the investors through their trading sessions. Managers sometimes impose penalties for early funds withdrawal and have a minimum period and deposit terms. 

Who invests in a  Managed Forex Account?

Managed Forex Account is not suitable for somebody having a dominating or dictatorial character. Because these types of people need their complete engagement while taking out forex trading by their accounts. But this type of account is rightful for investors who are adventurers and have sufficient tolerance to enable other experts to handle their investments by organized trading techniques or software. The provider firm must select you to prepare your risk sensitivity level before beginning in trading.

Considerations for a Managed Forex Account

Managed Forex Accounts are most suitable for the following people:

For those who are working and don’t have time to analyze the market.

Most of the people are busy with their daily schedules and habit that they lack time, expertise, and knowledge to trade in the Forex market. Since family and professional duties can keep them busy, giving full-time consideration to Forex trading in not possible. Hence, managed Forex trading is suitable for busy people, and it doesn’t require much involvement and it allows you to do daily activities without distraction.

Allowing others for trading and investing.

If you are a trader, then you may be knowing the difficulties and sufferings the traders go through. Another thing the Forex traders also know is that currency pairs being unpredictable and requires continuous monitoring and are not profitable all the time. Hence, if you cannot spare enough time and effort for trading, you must use a trading expert or a managed Forex trading account and don’t trade by yourself.

Who doesn’t have a Forex trader’s Psychology

The Managed Forex Accounts are for those who lack the typical psychology of a trader. For example, being a Forex trader is not a profession for a person who declines to recognize his/her mistakes. This character is significant as unstable conditions can clear out investment in a snap. Investors must remember that trading could affect mentally, physically, and financially. Hence, non-professional traders should handover the stresses and responsibilities of trading to an account administrator rather than trading yourself. 

Who should not go for a Managed Forex Account?

Managed Forex accounts are not suitable for you if:

You desire full authority over your trading account

Skilled Forex traders like to stay in full command of their trading account and trading activity. Hence, a managed Forex account is not suitable for them as it does not support much authority and allocations.

You lack capital

The minimum deposits needed for standard Forex account usually start at $2,00, and managed Forex accounts begin with a minimum deposit of $1,000. This could restrain some traders from selecting a managed account.

If investors dont like the way Managed Forex Accounts work

Few individuals don’t want to go through the process of a managed Forex account because it requires some studies and significantly more paperwork for the trading account. It also includes the signing of a Limited Power Of Attorney contract (LPOA) this is a legitimate certificate and shows you how to let your account manager trade on your part. Bear in mind, that the investor may make loss or profit funds while trading with a managed Forex account. It depends on the money manager, risking levels, market conditions, and all other potential situations that could affect trading. Hence, make sure that you understand your account manager and his style of trading before joining.

Basic features of a Managed Forex Account

High class managed Forex firms always give overall profitable results to its renowned clients. Moreover, the maximum draw-down level shows the maximum loss of capital encountered in the trading account in the past.

The maximum draw-down ratio of a Forex account

The accounts with a high drawdown show that it is an unsafe investment. The lower the drawdown, the safer the account. Drawdown rate is measured to identify the maximum the account has gone through in the past. Check out the investor reviews and check the whole track record of the account manager as it supports them to choose most suitable for trading.

Investors must select the account manager by reviewing at least one year of performance, and special attention should be on drawdown. If there are records of high drawdown then the account manager must be avoided.

Ask yourself the following questions before investing in a Managed Forex Account

  • What type of return on investment (ROI) are you expecting on your capital?
  • Which type of trading strategy employed?
  • What type of trading methods the account manager uses?
  • Which sort of signal software and brokers used?

You can find the best broker for your Managed Forex Account by asking your account manager. He can advise you on the list of Forex brokers they support.

The investor must investigate the broker before beginning trading with it. The investor must also confirm the background and skills of account managers they want to use. Investors must also receive a summary of the account management contract and how it can change the future trading knowledge of the investors. Furthermore, an investor must likewise examine the account supervision arrangement, pass account records, and manager’s plan giving a satisfactory review for their managed account. Moreover, it is also essential to make a good knowledge of profit-sharing ratio, risk levels, minimum deposits, and drawdown strategies of the managed Forex accounts.


Forex trading has excellent potential to produce more profits and get you wealthy in a relatively shorter time. But, because of its unstable environment, new traders may struggle a lot before they can make money. It is now based on your choice whether you want to begin earning profit right away or you can hold on until you become skilled. We recommend starting a managed Forex trading account and attempt acquiring knowledge in Forex trading side by side. This is how you can do learn and earn by multitasking in the Forex market. You may also join Forex Copy Trading or Social Trading as an alternative to managed Forex trading.

A managed Forex account is the ideal choice for investors who want to engage in the Forex market for high-quality profit-making. Though, investors have to remember that Forex account managers may charge higher commissions. Commonly, high-end provider firms require 15% to 40% or even more from your profits. In addition to that, some Forex account managers earn a share from the commissions charged by your broker too. Hence, the investors may opt for trading on their own if they don’t have enough funds for the managed account. But, in such cases, they have to build and develop a viable trading strategy for their investments. By trading on your own, you save on the high percentage of commissions and administration charges of managed Forex accounts.